Yettie Photo Shoot

Our dog, Yettie, is very loved. I did a quick little sunset photo shoot of him the other day. I’ve added the photos to my portfolio, but wanted to share them here as well. He’s such a cutie! You can follow him on Instagram also if you want to see more cute photos & videos.

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Engagement Party

One of my husband’s best friends just got engaged, and I got to photograph their engagement party! It was a wonderful time, and hopefully I captured part of that.

Engagement photo
Amy & Sam

It was a gorgeous day, and lots of fun to see good friends, even though husband and I had just gotten back from our honeymoon, and were a bit jet-lagged.


Welcome to my site!

I’ve kept a blog before, and I’ve been taking photos for a while, though very inconsistently. I’d love to do more, so want to share some of my work, and offer a homebase where people can see what I’ve got, learn more about me, and also contact me. ¬†Thanks for stopping by!